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Dennis Patten's Entertainment for Children
The children's entertainment Par Excellence

Dennis Patten magical entertainer and Percy The Talking Penguin magical entertainment from the Inner Magic Circle

Balloon Modelling
Hunny-Bunny The Live Rabbit
Percy The Talking Penguin
and Punch & Judy.

A word or two from Percy -

cartoon of Percy Penguin Percy the talking penguin

Copyright 1999
Dennis Patten


My partner, Dennis Patten, has asked me to thank you for your visit and to tell you about his tip-top entertainment for children.

THE SHOW consists of magic and fun, balloon modelling and Hunny Bunny the live rabbit, finishing either with Percy the talking Penguin (that's me folks) or our old friends Punch & Judy. The children (and adults) are fully involved from the moment the show begins and are carried along on waves of laughter and excitement before being brought gently down in time for tea or to go home.

THE PARTY BOY OR GIRL is invited to wear a Wizard's cloak and hat, to wave the magic wand and to actually perform 'miracles' themselves!! Af'terwards the brothers and sisters, or friends, are asked to help with the tricks, each receiving one of Dennis's balloon animals for their efforts.

WHATEVER THE AGE GROUP the Dennis Patten show treats children as 'sensible young adults' and stands up to the critical eye of discerning grown-ups. The mums, dads, grandmas and grandpas who stay to watch (and they are very welcome) are as entertained as the youngsters.

cartoon of a magic rabbit in a hat

MY FRIEND DENNIS, having been bitten by the magic bug at the age of eleven, is a Member of the prestigious Inner Magic Circle, and is truly a magician in love with his art.

WITH HIS ORIGINAL TRICKS and material he has entertained professionally for over thirty years. In Hampton Court he performed his paper folding for Royalty, and in Downing Street his Punch and Judy show for the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

THE B.B.C. MADE A PROGRAMME about his work with children, and other T.V. appearances include 'Wizbit' (25 programmes), 'Disney Club' and 'Motor Mouth'. Dennis's beautifully carved, seventy year old Punch and Judy figures have been seen in the films 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang',
'Elephant Man' and Jamaica Inn'.

HE ADVISES television and stage companies on ventriloquism, and has illustrated over two dozen text books on magic, as well as being the author of four books for children, one of which has been translated into six languages.

THE MAGIC CIRCLE HAVE PRESENTED HIM with an award for his contribution to the 'Art' of Magic.

HIS CHILDREN'S ACT is booked time and time again by Local Authorities, Schools, Playgroups and Libraries. Indeed, the London Borough of Enfield has booked Dennis' s show every year for over thirty five years! How's that - a record?

IN THIS KNOCK-ABOUT, cut-throat, cut-price, cheapjack world of today isn't it nice to find someone whose quality has remained constant over the years?

cartoon of a magician making balloon models balloon modelling
If you want a never-to-be-forgotten party that runs smoothly, with a well-established entertainer that you can trust, then book Dennis Patten and relax.

Dennis, Punch, Hunny Bunny and Percy Penguin (that's me) will not let you down.

Kind Regards,



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